In-store Returns.

Convenient for customers and profitable for retailers.


Doddle In-store Returns allows you to serve your customers quickly and effectively with an easy-to-use staff application, allowing staff to scan in, store and dispatch returned products.



Direct customers to your stores

Customers returning an item are very often in the market for a replacement, and where better for them to find it than in your store once they’ve handed over their return? Recapturing revenue from customers who send products back is crucial to improving returns profitability.

Fashion Store

Give your staff a great experience and they'll look after your customers

Store staff need an app that’s easy to use, reliable and fast. Doddle’s Returns App just works, without any of the paperwork or hassle. That satisfaction is passed on to your customers who get served by happy and effective staff members.

Customer Returns



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Intuitive and fast process for staff through an app on existing devices

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Integration with existing carriers

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Hassle-free customer journey for fast drop-offs

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Set up in just 4-6 weeks

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