Queue-skipping, time-saving joy for your shoppers.


Doddle’s Self-Service Returns means your customers spend more time shopping and less time handing products back. Even better, it gives your staff their time back to focus on helping customers.



Great experiences are the number one source of repeat customers

When customers can skip a queue and easily drop a parcel to an intuitive self-service pod, they’ve been blessed with 5 minutes of their day back.

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Unburden staff

Freeing staff time with a self-service returns pod in stores means happier staff and more time selling.

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Peak is no problem

When seasonal or daily peaks come around and the returns are flooding in, you need a way to manage that traffic. Self-service returns divert returns traffic away from your checkouts so that you can keep your store operation moving fast.




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Fully branded pod

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Customer information captured via touch screen inputs

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Accepts pre-booked returns with code scanning

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Prints shipping labels

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Secure locks on pod hatch and door

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Digital tracking and receipts

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Easy to use staff application running on existing devices

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Integrated to your systems

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